Product profile

Premier Quality Starch only produces top quality tapioca starch by good quality of tapioca roots and processing under ISO 9001& GMP system. With the best quality control practice we ensure costumers the following consistent quality:
  • High viscosity
  • High whiteness
  • Low sulphur dioxide content
  • Low microbial
  • No impurity
  • Non-GMO product

Native Tapioca Starch

Physical and Chemical Characteristic
Color White
Form Fine Powder
Starch Content 85.0% Min.
Moisture Content 13.0% Max.
Whiteness 90.0% Min.
pH 4.5 - 7
Viscosity 6% @ Peak 600 BU MIN
Sulphur Dioxide 30 ,100 ppm. Max.
Sieve Test (150 Micron.) 99.0% Min.

25, 30 and 50 kgs. in PP/PE bag
500, 850 and 1000 kgs. in jumbo bag

Shelf life
Please keep it at clean and dry at ambient temperature and away from moisture and heavily aromatic material. The shelf life is 24 month.