Premier Quality Starch (PQS) was established in 2006 in Mukdahan provice to produce international tapioca starch products from agricultural raw materials in combination with modern technology and quality manufacturing processed under GMP,HACCP environment.
     PQS only produces top quality native tapioca starch to serve our customers under "Premier Quality Starch" brand through sustainability and environmental friendly management systems.
     Our passion to exist is to produce WORLD-CLASS standard product from LOCAL raw material through continuous improvement system.

     Premier Quality Starch only produce top quality product that help our customers succeed by living our core values.
• Passion-P
Our passion is to develop natural material to be global standard product to align with customer Value with environmental friendly technology.

• Quality-Q
We entirely implement Total Quality Management to maintain and continue improve our product quality.

• Specialization-S
Specialization in process development and knowing our customer’s business is a key differentiator in our ability to create value by our expertise.

Premier Quality Starch Co., Ltd.
185 Moo 14 Kumpalai, Muang Mukdahan, Mukdahan 49000 THAILAND
Tel. 042-643818